IF:TABLE for Manna Women

Book Study, Community

Calling all Manna Women interested in cutting the small talk and starting to build the real relationships God wants us to have!! IF:Table is based on a set of curated discussion questions focused on building community, authenticity and connection. This awesome resource is provided by the IF team led by author/speaker Jennie Allen. I have personally virtually hosted their annual conference here in Fayetteville and it has been such an incredible experience for the past two years. Jennie Allen is author of "Find Your People", "Made for This" and many other excellent bible studies. Her heart for women, community building and authentic faith in Jesus challenges us to pursue relationships at a deeper level. Come join us, find a tribe, engage your heart, grow in Jesus, and fortify your faith foundations. When: First Friday of each month Where: 2614 Morganton Rd Fayetteville NC, 28303 Bring an appetizer/dessert and come join us for fellowship prayer and a conversation about God. We will meet at my home here in Haymount, outdoors as often as weather allows. Children are welcome though childcare won't be provided but we have lots of space to run and play. Please text me to let me know you'll have kiddos. Sign up on the Manna App to join the tribe. For more info connect with me at Phyllis Herbe: 915-630-4948 (text me first if I don't answer) or email phyllischill@gmail.com Please let me know if you will be bringing guests or family to join us. All women/kiddos welcome. What is IF?: IF:GATHERING EXISTS TO EQUIP WOMEN WITH GOSPEL-CENTERED RESOURCES, EVENTS, AND COMMUNITY SO THEY MAY LEARN MORE ABOUT WHO GOD IS AND DISCIPLE OTHER WOMEN RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE.

Group Details:

Meeting Day(s) Friday
Time 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Meeting Frequency Monthly
Meeting Location 2614 Morganton Rd Fayetteville NC
Childcare No but children are welcome
Gender Female
Group Leader(s) Phyllis Herbe
Requirements none

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