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"F.I.G.H.H.T." stands for Fierce Indigenous Ghetto Hand-to-Hand Tactics. It's a uniquely American indigenous fighting system (IFS) geared for the "asphalt jungle". In short, F.I.G.H.H.T. is a street martial art; forged in the fires of the inner cities across America; perhaps the first martial art of its kind. It's designed to equip the practitioner with techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) to defend oneself in a wide variety of situations "unique" to the urban environment. F.I.G.H.H.T. is a hybrid of the following martial styles: Boxing, Savate (which means "old shoe", as in sabot-- old wooden shoe. The damage done to machinery by sabots is how the word, "sabotage" was derived. In fact, practitioners of Savate are referred to as "saboteurs". Savate or Boxe Francaise --French foot-fighting or French boot-fighting, combines English Boxing with kicks unique to the French culture), Haganah (an Israeli martial art that means, "Defense"), Krav Maga (an Israeli martial art that means, "Close Combat"), Commando Krav Maga (a more evolved form of Krav Maga), KAPAP (an Israeli martial art, a Hebrew acronym that stands for "Krav al Panim al Panim", meaning, "Face-to-Face Combat"), and Systema (a Russian martial art). The common denominator between these martial styles is their reputation for being very street and very effective. F.I.G.H.H.T. is a comprehensive martial art that's also very street, very effective, and continually enhanced. F.I.G.H.H.T. is designed to beat the street predator at his own game. "I DON'T KNOW KARATE, BUT I KNOW KA-RAZOR!"

Group Details:

Meeting Day(s) Tuesday
Time 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Meeting Frequency Weeks 1 & 3
Meeting Location Anderson Creek Site / Rm 125
Childcare No
Gender COED
Group Leader(s) Thomas T Thompson Jr
Requirements You must be at least 21; must sign a waiver

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