Every Heart Restored

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Every Heart Restored is a confidential support group for women whose husbands have or who are currently struggling with an addiction to pornography and/or immoral sexual behaviors. You do not have to walk this pathway alone. Some of us have walked this path before you and some are currently walking it. If statistics are correct, pornography affects 55% of married Christian men; 35% have had an extramarital affair (biblically based Proven Men Ministries data 2022). If these stats are even remotely true, how many of their wives – maybe YOU - are suffering in silence. It is a lonely walk if we have to do it alone because of the shame we have felt through no fault of our own. But our Heavenly Father doesn’t want us to walk alone; we are His daughters, and He promises us He will always be with us. We are NOT counselors. We provide confidential and caring support and a safe place to share your feelings; a place where you are understood, cared about, and not judged - and a place to heal. Our goal is to shine His light, His grace and His love into your pain and restore your hearts and minds to be the strong and Godly women He created us to be.

Group Details:

Meeting Day(s) Monday
Time 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Meeting Frequency Weekly
Meeting Location Anderson Creek Club
Childcare No
Gender Female
Group Leader(s) Judy Murphy, Mary Beth Young
Requirements None

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