Manna Students Retreat 2022

Hello, students and parents of students!! It’s Sam here, the Director of Manna Students, and we in the students lane want to express our excitement about this year’s Retreat!! We are coming together this year on August 19th and 20th to reflect on the chapters of our lives that have ended. Endings can be sorrowful, but they can also make the way for new beginnings! This year we want to highlight the power of endings and new beginnings as we celebrate the end of summer before school begins again in the fall!
The Retreat will start on Friday, the 19th, where we will have Biblical teaching, fun activities, such as, cooking s’mores on the campfire, and hanging out with our friends! Dinner will be included on the first night, as well! Then in the morning (the 20th) we will wake up to breakfast, then our very own Teaching Pastor, Jonathan Fletcher, will be talking to us about new beginnings! Once we’ve heard from Pastor Jonathan, we will transition into our closely monitored fun portion! This includes, a blob on the lake, our pool, the go-kart track, full-sized basketball games, putt-putt, four square, gaga ball, and much more! All meals will be included, and our time will come to an end as parents will arrive to pick up their students at 8:00PM on Saturday, the 20th.
We hope to see you there, as we celebrate the life God has given us and the chapters of our lives that He takes us through!!

Here are the drop off times organized by the first letter of the last name.

Friday, 19th @ 5:00p-5:15 - A-F
Friday, the 19th @ 5:20-5:35 - G-K
Friday, the 19th @ 5:40-5:55 - L-P
Friday, the 19th @ 6:00-6:15 - Q-Z
Saturday, the 20th @ 8:30a-9:00 - A-Z
(These are Day Only Student Arrivals)

Registration is now closed.